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Lab group photo - Fall 2016

Crowhurst group - Fall 2016
L to R: Jonathon Benson, Sam Mahdi, Julie Jimenez, Marlyn Widjaja, Eddie Surinarintr, Karin Crowhurst, Jafaeth Gomez

The focus of our research is to use multidimensional NMR spectroscopy to better understand the mechanisms of signal transduction in the brain. Check out our research page for more details.

Our lab is located in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University Northridge (CSUN), in Citrus Hall rooms 3110 and 3119. If you are interested in visiting or joining the lab, please contact Dr. Crowhurst.



DECEMBER 15 2016
Congratulations to Marlyn, winner of the 2016 Sandra L. Jewett Scholarship in Biochemistry! It is a cash award given to one promising graduate student in our department each year. Well done, Marlyn!

OCTOBER 26 2016
New graduate student Jonathon Benson has joined our research group. Jonathon comes to CSUN from Cal Lutheran and CSU Channel Islands. Welcome, Jonny!

JUNE 10 2016
Shayla successfully presented a very well-attended and well-received thesis seminar today! This marks one of the final components of her MS degree. Just a few thesis edits and she'll be finished. Congratulations, Shayla!

MARCH 25 2016
Great news for the Crowhurst lab: we have been awarded a SCORE SC3 grant from the NIH! The award is worth $75,000 per year for four years. Congratulations to us!

FEB 2016
Congratulations to Shayla, who has been accepted into PhD programs at City of Hope, USC and UC Riverside! It's always great to have several places from which to choose, but it sounds like she is set on City of Hope.

JAN 16 2016
This afternoon Shayla got married to Kevin at a lovely ceremony on the waterfront in Oxnard. The happy couple have now left for a 2-week honeymoon. Congratulations, Shayla and Kevin!

JAN 8-9 2016
This year we had a record three poster presenters at the CSUPERB Symposium. Eddie, Marlyn and Sam all attended and showed off their current research at the poster session. All posters were well-attended, and everyone enjoyed their experience at the Symposium.

DEC 11 2015
Congratulations to Karin for winning a CSUPERB travel grant! The grant helps to offset the costs of her sabbatical trip to Toronto this fall.

OCT 22 2015
Karin has published a manuscript in Biomolecular NMR Assignments with Dr Paul Weers and his student James Horn at CSU Long Beach. The article is available online and will be published in a future issue of the journal.

OCT 13 2015
Today Karin departed for Toronto to spend 6 weeks doing research in the lab of Dr. Julie Forman-Kay at the Hospital for Sick Children. This is part of Karin's fall semester sabbatical, and is intended to provide her with some new NMR techniques to bring back to CSUN. She will be away until November 23.

JUNE 4 2015
Shayla has been awarded a Graduate Equity fellowship from CSUN! The award is worth $4,000, to be distributed over the next two semesters. Congratulations, Shayla!

MARCH 26 2015
This evening we had our lab dinner for the spring semester. Although Julie and Jafaeth were unable to attend, the rest of us had a yummy and fun dinner of ramen (the authentic stuff, not the packaged meal, of course!).

Today we welcomed our newest graduate student, Marlyn Widjaja, who received her undergraduate degree at UCLA. We're glad to have you, Marlyn!

JANUARY 10 2015
Jafaeth and shayla were poster presenters at this year's CSUPERB Symposium in Santa Clara. Both received good traffic at their posters, and were very good at explaining their challenging projects to a non-specialist audience.

NOVEMBER 20 2014
We had lab dinner this evening - yummy Pho! Vietnamese food was a new experience for some, and enjoyed by all. Unfortunately, Shayla was ill and unable to join us.

AUGUST 25 2014
Julie Jimenez has returned to our lab as a graduate student after spending a year working in industry. Welcome back, Julie!

AUGUST 16 2014
A pool party was held at Karin's house to celebrate Jan's transition to a PhD program at UC Davis and to thank him for his hard work in the Crowhurst lab over 5 years(!) - the end of an era. We had a fun (albeit hot) potluck barbecue, which included both old and current lab members.

JULY 8 2014
Welcome to new undergraduate lab members Jafaeth Gomez and Ines Jong, who joined in June, as well as Armine Harutyunyan, who joined in July. May we all have a productive time together!

MAY 28 2014
Karin has received final confirmation, from the Provost, of her tenure promotion to Associate Professor, which will be effective in August. Yay - finally! Congratulations to me.

MAY 21 2014
Today we have three lab members graduating with BS Biochemistry degrees. Congratulations go to Madelene, McKinzie and Lusine - your hard work has paid off!

MAY 13 2014
Jan has been accepted into the PhD program in Biophysics at UC Davis - this is in addition to his acceptance into the Biochemistry program at the University of Toronto earlier in the semester. Jan now has options to weigh - very exciting!

MAY 12 2014
The Crowhurst lab is honored and excited that our lab member McKinzie has been awarded the Wolfson Scholar Award! This is the highest honor a student can receive at CSUN, and only one CSUN student per year is given this prestigious award. An article about McKinzie has been published in CSUN Today and she will be honored in a special ceremony at the Honors Convocation on Friday May 16th. Congratulations, McKinzie - we are SO proud of you!

APRIL 18 2014
Tonight was our lab dinner - everyone was able to come, including Karin's husband Dave. We ate at a delicious Indian restaurant - a new experience for several people. Karin also received a couple of lovely and unexpected gifts: a huge box of chocolates and a Mexican lime tree to add to her little orchard at home. Thanks to everyone for that!

MARCH 24 2014
Congratulations to McKinzie, who has won the prestigious Bianchi Undergraduate research award, given each year to one student within the College of Science and Mathematics who has shown excellence in research.

MARCH 12-14 2014
Shayla and Karin traveled to NMRFAM in Madison Wisconsin to record NMR experiments on Shayla's hRGS4/Galpha complex. We had a couple of really long but educational days!

JANUARY 21 2014
Welcome to new lab members Sam Mahdi (an undergraduate sophomore) and Eddie Surinarintr (a new graduate student in the department). We wish you much success in research contributions to our group!

JANUARY 15 2014
The Crowhurst lab's third publication is now available in the February edition of Protein Science! The paper, published with first author McKinzie, was first accepted for publication in November, but the final, formatted version is now online.

JANUARY 10 2014
McKinzie and Lusine both presented posters of their research at the CSUPERB Symposium in Santa Clara. Both had very good attendance at their posters, and did an excellent job of explaining complex ideas to people unfamiliar with NMR.

JANUARY 5-10 2014
Karin traveled to Galveston TX to attend the Gordon Conference on Protein Folding Dynamics, where she presented a poster and had fruitful interactions with numerous world-class researchers.

Shayla was been awarded the 2013 Sandra Jewett Scholarship in Biochemistry! It is a cash award that is given each year to one promising graduate student in the department. Congratulations, Shayla!

NOVEMBER 15 2013
Tonight was our lab dinner - at Jan's suggestion, we went for Chinese food. Although McKinzie could not join us, we had special guests Keen and Karin's husband (Dave) in attendance. The food was delicious and a good time was had by all.

AUGUST 20 2013
Welcome to our newest lab member Shayla Brooks! Shayla has joined the Master's program at CSUN after getting her bachelor's degree at UCSB. Enjoy the heat of the valley, Shayla!

AUGUST 2 2013
Julie has landed a great research-oriented job at Medtronic! She said that the experience she gained in our lab played a major role in getting hired. Congratulations, Julie - we wish you happiness and success in your new position!

JULY 10 2013
Karin has published the lab's second research article! The paper is titled "13C, 15N and 1H backbone and side chain chemical shift assignment of acid-stress bacterial chaperone HdeA at pH 6" and can be found in the journal Biomolecular NMR Assignments. The article has been posted online and will appear in a future issue of the journal.

JULY 1 2013
Jan successfully defended his thesis this afternoon, in a very well-attended seminar. He is working on final edits of his thesis, but will have his MS in Biochemistry by the end of the summer. Congratulations, Jan!

JUNE 24-26 2013
Karin attended a workshop at UMBC in Maryland designed to train people on the newest tools and analysis methods available from the NMRViewJ software that we use in the lab. It was extremely helpful.

JUNE 3 2013
Welcome to new lab member McKinzie Garrison!

MAY 21 2013
Congratulations to Lusine, who was awarded the departmental Organic Chemistry Award at our end-of-year student reception! She earned the prize because she had the highest cumulative grade in CHEM 333 and 334 in the past year.

MAY 8 2013
Today Keen successfully presented his thesis seminar! After submitting his thesis on May 10th, Keen will have earned his MS in Biochemistry. Congratulations, Keen!

APRIL 18 2013
Our spring semester lab dinner was held at the Italian restaurant Cafe Carolina. Everyone, including Keen and new student Kevin, was able to attend, except for Lusine who was under the weather. A delicious time was had by all!

APRIL 12 2013
Jan has won the prestigious Bianchi Graduate Student award, given each year to a graduate student in the college that has distinguished himself by extensive involvement and achievement in research. Congratulations, Jan!

MARCH 20 2013
Karin travelled down to CSU Long Beach to present a seminar about our current progress in the RGS4/RGS7 projects. It was very well-received, and resulted in a potential new collaboration with a faculty member there.

Congratulations to Keen for landing a job in the Protein Purification division at Amgen! This is a great opportunity and we hope that it is the start of a long and happy career in industry! Now, you just need to finish your thesis....

JANUARY 21 2013
Karin gave a talk at a PEPTalk protein purification conference in Palm Springs. She spoke about about our recently published paper on the preparation of Galpha, and it was relatively well-recieved (considering the majority of the audience came from industry).

JANUARY 13-18 2013
Jan and Karin travelled to Snowbird Utah to attend the Keystone conference "Frontiers of NMR in Biology". We were able to meet a lot of people and renew old acquaintances, we gained a lot of insight and information during the seminars. Jan had a very fruitful poster session, and he was also able to get in some excellent skiing. Overall, we had a great trip!

JANUARY 4 2013
Madelene, Nick and Karin attended the 25th annual CSUPERB symposium in Anaheim. Nick and Madelene presented a poster of their research on human TrkB-d5L, which was a great success - they had quite a few visitors during the poster session.

NOVEMBER 16 2012
Our fall lab dinner was held at a Japanese curry house in West LA. It was a new experience for a number of people, and we witnessed a guy walk straight into a glass door - twice!

AUGUST 25 2012
Welcome to new lab members Lusine Simonyan, Julie Jimenez and Jasmine Finnie! May your time in the lab be a big success.

AUGUST 10 2012
We have returned from a productive trip to run NMR experiments at Scripps Research Institute! Karin was visiting TSRI for two weeks, while Keen, Madelene and Jan joined in on the experiments for three days. Everyone got experience in running their 900 MHz NMR!

JULY 11 2012
Our manuscript, titled “Expression, purification and preliminary NMR characterization of isotopically labeled wild-type human heterotrimeric G protein alpha(i1)” has been published in the August 2012 issue of the journal Protein Expression and Purification. Jan is the first author - congratulations, Jan, on publishing your first paper!

JUNE 8 2012
At long last, we have had a manuscript accepted - the first (of many to come) for the Crowhurst lab! The paper is co-authored by Jan, and it presents details of our expression and purification protocol for isotopically labeled Gαi1 for NMR experiments. It will be published in the journal Protein Expression and Purification.

MAY 11 2012
Will was finally able to put the finishing touches on his thesis and (after a 2-year process of writing while attending medical school) he has finally earned his MS in Biochemistry. Congratulations, Will! Your persistence has won out.

MARCH 8 2012
Wonderful news in the world of the Crowhurst lab! We have been awarded an NSF RUI (Research in Undergraduate Institutions) grant! It is worth ~$435,000 over 3 years! Many thanks to all the hard working students who have helped collect the preliminary data that made this grant possible!

JANUARY 12 2012
Exciting news from our former lab member Thomas Schmidt! Thomas has become co-first author on a research article published in Nature magazine with his PhD supervisor, Tobias Ulmer, at USC.

Jan travelled to Santa Clara to attend the 24th Annual CSUPERB Symposium, and presented a poster on his research, which should soon be written up as a mansucript and published. He received a lot of interest from students and faculty who visited his poster.

OCTOBER 4 2011
Congratulations to Jan, who has been awarded a 2-year Departmental Graduate Scholarship! His hard work has paid off!

After a quench and a couple of other difficult events, the NMR is finally ready for use! We are doing some testing and hope to get to "real" experiments soon.

AUGUST 29 2011
Welcome to new lab members Nick and Madelene! And welcome back to Omi, who returns to the lab after a one year hiatus.

AUGUST 11 2011
Will successfully presented his thesis seminar to the department. Although he still has to complete the final components of writing his thesis, Will is very close to completing his MS in Biochemistry degree. Well done, Will!

JUNE 29 2011
The 600 MHz NMR has arrived!! It arrived on Monday, and since then we've managed to move it upstairs and set it up on its legs. Now comes the rest of the install!

MAY 27 2011
We went out to dinner to say our final farewells to Naveen before he headed back to India to start his new job. Filipino food - did not go over too well with the group...

MAY 24 2011
Congratulations to new graduates Omi, Kaveh, Kevin, Jessica and Daniel! They received their bachelor's degrees at today's commencement ceremony for the College of Science and Math.

MAY 9 2011
Naveen successfully presented his thesis seminar to the department. He will be earning his MS in Biochemistry at this Spring's commencement ceremony. Congratulations Naveen! You deserve it.

APRIL 29 2011
Today we took our new lab group photo and went out to dinner to Ramayani Westwood to celebrate the work done in the lab this semester!

FEBRUARY 18 2011
Naveen and Jan presented posters of their research at the 15th Annual CSUN student research symposium.

Naveen, Jan and Karin travelled to Orange County to attend the 23rd Annual CSUPERB Symposium. Both Jan and Naveen presented posters about their research, and had interest from many other students and from faculty.

Karin travelled to Washington DC to participate in the Meeting of MBRS-Support of Competitive Research (SCORE) Program SC1 and SC2 Principal Investigators, a mini-conference for grant-holders to network and discuss strategies for success.

Naveen has been awarded a Thesis Support Program award, to help pay for the costs associated with his research in the lab. Congratulations, Naveen!

The NSF has awarded our department funds to purchase a new 600 MHz NMR spectrometer!!! This will provide a HUGE boost to the research in the Crowhurst lab, and will help other researchers in the department significantly. Karin was the PI on the grant proposal, and worked very hard with her colleagues to submit a winning proposal. This is really phenomenal news for us all!

Karin attended the Protein Society conference in San Diego. She presented a poster on the research performed by Will over the past 18 months, and it was well-received. She also visited Dr. Jane Dyson at Scripps to get the new NIH-funded project moving forward.

JULY 2010
We are looking for a new graduate student to join the lab to work on our new NIH-funded research project. Click here for more details.

JUNE 2010
The Crowhurst lab has successfully obtained a SCORE SC2 research grant from the NIH! It is worth $435,000 over three years.

APRIL 2010
Karin has been awarded the CSUN Jerome Richfield Scholar Award, an honor given to only one campus faculty member per year.

Congratulations to Will for being accepted to the University of Cincinnati Medical School! He will be starting in Fall 2010.

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